Alcove Cupboards Surrey

Alcove cabinets and alcove shelves can add an abundance of style to your home but they also make good use of awkward spaces in a room. Oddly shaped nooks and crannies can add character, however, they can also ensure that a lot of space is wasted. Unfortunately, ready made furniture can't make use of these spaces. You need bespoke alcove units to maximise the available space effectively. Many people commission Quality Fit to craft for them beautiful fitted cupboards for their home. With their workshop in Guildford, the Quality Fit team design and build made to measure alcove cupboards for customers throughout Surrey, Sussex and London.

Well Suited for Housing TVs and Audio Systems

Many people find housing TVs and audio systems a tricky task and the biggest problem is in hiding the cables from view. However, when you commission Quality Fit to design, craft and install your new fitted alcove cabinets you can relax in the knowledge that any cable management will be taken care of in the price. To learn more about Quality Fit or to arrange for a quote call the team on 01403 823824. Alternatively, visit the website for further information.


Whether you have specific design ideas of your own or are needing inspiration, Quality Fit will work with you to ensure you achieve your ‘dream’ fitted bedroom.

Take a look at one of our fitted bedroom brochures by clicking the link or order your copy by post.