Alcove Cabinets Guildford

More and more homeowners are investing in alcove cabinets. The cabinets allow you to make the most of your existing space whilst providing excellent flexibility. They are often used for the purposes of housing items such as TVs and stereo systems, being fitted into spaces that could be described as awkward. The cabinets make the utmost use of these previously troublesome spaces, whilst offering exceptional style, class and sophistication. Alcove cabinets are often sprayed or hand finished with a brush.

A Growing Customer Base

The team at Quality Fit have a vast network of dedicated customers and are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship and design. Quality Fit offers exceptional flexibility, fitting their services around you rather than vice versa. Cabinets are created at the workshop, ensuring that any disruption at your home can be kept to a minimum. The team can work closely alongside you to ensure that the finished product is an ideal match for your exact needs and requirements. The vast majority of Quality Fit’s commissions stem from recommendations and the word-of-mouth process, always a great sign of quality. Quality Fit has clients in Guildford, London, Surrey and Essex. Find out more on the website.


Whether you have specific design ideas of your own or are needing inspiration, Quality Fit will work with you to ensure you achieve your ‘dream’ fitted bedroom.

Take a look at one of our fitted bedroom brochures by clicking the link or order your copy by post.