Alcove Cabinets Guildford

Whether in the dining room or sitting room, an alcove cabinet is a great way to utilise space within the home. Often, homes which are smaller in size – or 'compact' as estate agents like to call them - become messy and cluttered due to lack of space. However, when you invest in alcove cabinets you'll find that the space is maximised to its full potential. Even an awkward shaped room which you have struggled to find a suitable storage solution for can be vastly improved by the addition of an alcove cabinet. Many people in Guildford, London, Surrey and Sussex commission Quality Fit to design and install their alcove cupboards. Based in Guildford, Quality Fit is a company with a great reputation for designing and installing bespoke fitted furniture.

Painted to Perfection

Quality Fit's alcove cupboards are designed, created and installed to the very highest of industry standards. They offer great flexibility regarding design which ensures that your cabinets are unique to you and designed to your exact specifications. Your alcove units can be finished by brush or sprayed but are always prepared in the company's workshop so as to create minimum fuss on site. To learn more about the company visit the website today.


Whether you have specific design ideas of your own or are needing inspiration, Quality Fit will work with you to ensure you achieve your ‘dream’ fitted bedroom.

Take a look at one of our fitted bedroom brochures by clicking the link or order your copy by post.